Personality Profiling and your Bottom Line

Justifying an investment in a personality profiling tool gets significantly easier when you consider the real bottom line impact of implementing a tool throughout your organization. Here are just a few ways an investment in a personality profiling tool can help your bottom line:

• Job Fit: Profiling top performers in a job and evaluating candidates against that profile improves turnover. Work no longer seems like work when employees are well matched with their roles and have the personality and competencies to become top performers. Bottom Line: Reduced turnover results in cost savings for employee recruitment, training, onboarding and development.

• Employee Performance: Understanding motivators and demotivators for each employee helps managers to create an effective environment for peak performance. Bottom Line: Increased performance creates more revenue.

• Coaching: Having the information at your fingertips to effectively coach the performance of existing employees reduces your need to hire more people to replace employees who turnover or who are not performing well. Bottom Line: Lower recruitment costs result from higher employee retention.

• Team Effectiveness: Analyzing the personality traits and behaviors of employees who make up a team leads to productive teams that act quickly and decisively because team members are in roles that match their strengths. Bottom Line: Higher productivity from existing employees reduces need for additional headcount.

• Communication: Because employees understand each other and learn to value their differences, communication is enhanced and employees are happier, resulting in an improved customer experience. Bottom line: Happy employees result in happy customers, reducing customer churn.

Using personality profiling in an ongoing, systematic way to hire, develop and retain employees can maximize your company’s effectiveness and have a significant impact on your bottom line.

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