Personality Profiling and Pre-Employment Assessment

Although the full article referenced below is a little long, it offers some great information about personality profiling and its use in today’s environment.  I’ve paraphrased a few of the most pertinent points to save you some time:

  • Pre-employment assessment tools have become easier and less costly to implement due to technology and internet delivery.
  • Fears about validity, security and legal defensibility of assessments have subsided with increased usage.
  • Assessments should be used as an added layer of confidence to the hiring process and be considered as support along with a company’s other processes.
  • Understanding the job related competencies of top performers and incorporating that information into the pre-employment assessment is growing in importance.
The goal for any recruitment strategy should be to attract a top performer who will reach a higher level of productivity in a shorter time-frame and, ultimately, stay with your company for a long time.  Using personality profiling for pre-employment assessment is a proven way to differentiate this type of candidate from the rest of the candidate pool.


Click here for full article.

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