Personality Profiling and Workplace Conflict

The attached article suggests that in order for conflicts to be turned into something good for the worker and the organization, the conflicts need to be worked out, discussed and settled in a timely manner.  The Drake P3 module helps companies to build a more effective workforce by enhancing communication, helping to resolve conflicts more effectively, building effective teams from the start, and understanding what motivates people.

Recently, a client was exasperated with an employee.  The employee wasn’t following proper escalation procedures when she encountered an issue while on-site with a client.  The method that the employee was using to solve her issue was causing disruptions at the client site, causing multiple other employees to lose time, and the issue and eventual resolution were being lost rather than saved and recorded for future use.

My client realized that the employee’s Drake P3 profile indicated that she solved problems by discussing them with many people in her network, gathering information and then moving forward.  Verbal exchange and interaction were important to her routine.  As a rational decision maker, she liked to have all the facts before she made a decision. She was motivated by using a team approach to getting things done.  She did not like to be bound by rigid structure. Her profile even indicated that she was likely to ignore directives from upper management if they interfered with what she thought was important.  In this case, her preferred style of solving problems  did not align with the company method.

Using the Manager-to-Staff report that customizes communication recommendations between people, both my client and the employee were able to have an open, honest, beneficial conversation on how to resolve the issues within the company guidelines.  They put months of angst behind them using this tool.

This simple example illustrates how the custom nature of Drake P3 can help companies to build a more efficient and effective workforce.

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