Season’s Greetings!

A lesson in inspiring employees!

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, recognizes the hard work of his employees in his holiday letter. A heartfelt thank you and well-deserved recognition may be all your employees need this holiday season.

Read the article here.

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Behavior-Based Interviewing – Another Perspective

Traditional interviewing averages only 19% predictive accuracy on future job performance.  Ascend Profiles regularly coaches companies on behavior-based interviewing to ensure they are selecting the best candidates for each role in their organizations.  The best predictor of what a person will do in the future is what the person has done in the past.  Often, clients are concerned that the person being interviewed will not be prepared for a behavior-based interview.

The author of the article referenced below encourages those being interviewed to prepare for interviews by identifying specific situations from their work experience that highlight the attributes and behaviors that the company is looking for (based on the candidate’s research about the company and position).  In other words, this author is recommending that candidates prepare for a behavior-based interview!

See article here.

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Are your employees overly stressed?

The attached article gives some great tips about how to manage stress, but how do you know which employees in your organization are stressed?  The Drake P3 personality profiling system measures the stress of your employees when they are first profiled, and then recommends that employees are re-checked on a regular basis for changes in their stress and energy levels.  Proactively addressing these changes can impact employee performance and retention.

Read article here.


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Introverted vs. Extroverted Leaders

Research has confirmed that 25% – 30% of C-Suite executives are Introverts.  Introverts tend to be better listeners and they are able to consider and reflect on the ideas of others ensuring that final decisions and ideas are fully formed and well thought out.  Are there Introverts in your organization that should be considered for C-Suite positions?

Read Forbes article here.


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Let it go!

The attached article suggests that hiring companies need to let go of the prejudices surrounding job hoppers.  Research indicates that today’s average employee changes jobs every 3-4 years.  The article identifies three positive aspects to this type of employee.

Drake P3 can identify an employee’s position on the “self-monitoring scale.”  One of the things this scale measures is Career Mobility.  Employees that score “higher” on this scale are more likely to actively seek promotions, and to follow opportunity to different departments, companies or industries.

Job Hopping Article.

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Hiring Someone Smarter Than You Are

Jack and Suzy Welch have written an article with an interesting perspective on hiring someone smarter than yourself.  Some managers might be concerned about hiring someone who could outshine them, but instead they should be focused on the benefits that such a talented person could bring to the organization.

Click here to read article.

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EVP – Employment Value Proposition

When I see the letters EVP, I automatically think Executive Vice President.  After reading this article, I have a different view.

This article suggests that understanding how to motivate people to perform could be the best employee retention strategy.  The author provides a couple of strategies for understanding the unique culture, values, work environment, leadership and organizational behavior of your firm – these factors make up your Employment Value Proposition. Aligning with that objective, The Drake P3 System provides insights about what motivates individual employees to keep them most productive.

Committing to an EVP and understanding what motivates individual employees will keep employees engaged and performing at their peak!

EVP Article


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Happiness: Ripples of Positivity!

Shawn Achor delivers an inspiring presentation about changing our frame of reference for happiness.  Take a look:

Shawn Achor Ted Talk


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Richard Branson’s Views on Hiring for Personality

Take a look at Richard Branson’s article on hiring for personality and cultural fit.  As interesting as the article are the host of comments from readers validating his thoughts and experience.  As research has indicated, skills can be learned and hiring for personality and cultural fit can have a great impact on the performance of your business!

How Richard Branson hires.

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Personality Profiling and Sports Teams?

I recently read an article about how college and professional sports teams are using personality profiling to evaluate potential recruits, understand current team members, and facilitate communication among the coaching staff and players.  It appears that personality profiling is just as important on the sports field as in the boardroom!

Read article here.

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