Richard Branson’s Views on Hiring for Personality

Take a look at Richard Branson’s article on hiring for personality and cultural fit.  As interesting as the article are the host of comments from readers validating his thoughts and experience.  As research has indicated, skills can be learned and hiring for personality and cultural fit can have a great impact on the performance of your business!

How Richard Branson hires.

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Personality Profiling and Sports Teams?

I recently read an article about how college and professional sports teams are using personality profiling to evaluate potential recruits, understand current team members, and facilitate communication among the coaching staff and players.  It appears that personality profiling is just as important on the sports field as in the boardroom!

Read article here.

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Unconventional Interview Questions

The attached article has some fresh ideas about behavior-based interview questions that can be asked to determine if a candidate will be a good cultural fit.  It’s worth a look!

Unconventional Interview Questions

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Really Amazing Employees!

What would it be worth if you could could predict that future employees would exhibit behaviors that could drive your company forward?

The insights revealed from personality profiling go a long way towards identifying if current employees or candidates have the ability to generate sales opportunities, improve systems, manage conflict, inspire others to develop professionally, and exude positive energy.  The article below describes 10 behaviors of amazing employees and provides some tips on how your company can promote and develop those behaviors.

Read Article.

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The Hidden Costs of Bad Hiring

I will occasionally  hear that companies can’t make the investment in personality profiling because they are trying to decrease costs.  I certainly understand budgets, but always try to make the case for the long term savings that great hiring practices will provide for companies.

Companies that implement best hiring practices typically save employee replacement costs in these line items:  Recruiting, Screening, Interviewing, Orientation, Equipping/Administration, and Training.  They also save significantly by reducing the Lost Productivity associated with a bad hire.

Drake P3 has a concise white paper that deals with this topic.  Click here to read “Hiring That Makes a Difference.”




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Personality Profiling and Workplace Conflict

The attached article suggests that in order for conflicts to be turned into something good for the worker and the organization, the conflicts need to be worked out, discussed and settled in a timely manner.  The Drake P3 module helps companies to build a more effective workforce by enhancing communication, helping to resolve conflicts more effectively, building effective teams from the start, and understanding what motivates people. Continue reading

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Holiday Fun with Employees

Just in case you are looking for ways to celebrate the season with employees, here are a few fun ideas.  Enjoy!

Holiday Ideas

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Do you have “scrappy” employees?

If you have “scrappy” employees in your organization, you run the risk of them becoming stifled and de-energized in a traditional job.  This article suggests that if you can create a “mosaic” role for them, you can foster their creativity and add value to your organization.

Read full article here.

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What Motivates Your Employees?

The attached article provides 9 great steps for individual employees to motivate themselves. My favorite is #8, Choose Positivity.  I’m a believer in making a choice each day to look at the positive side of all situations in order to stay motivated and move forward.

As a manager or business leader, it is important to understand what motivates each individual employee.  Motivators vary greatly depending upon personality.  The Drake P3  System provides an overview of primary motivators and demotivators for each employee in your organization.  Putting this information into manager’s hands can have a significant impact on the performance and productivity of your employees.

Click here to read referenced article.


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Personality Profiling and Pre-Employment Assessment

Although the full article referenced below is a little long, it offers some great information about personality profiling and its use in today’s environment.  I’ve paraphrased a few of the most pertinent points to save you some time:

Continue reading

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