Does Your Personality Make You A Better Salary Negotiator?

The author of the article below was asked if there are any particular personality traits or characteristics that make one a better salary negotiator.  His response was that the ability to both understand and communicate one’s value to a prospective employer is what is most important.  Where I believe personality comes into play is in the communication.  As we advise every day, gaining an understanding of your own personality and the personality of those with whom you are communicating can help you to communicate most effectively with them.  Are you negotiating with a hiring manager with high Dominance?  Be sure to be direct, concise, and factual.  Take time to instill confidence and don’t be afraid to ask tough questions.  Does the hiring manager have high Extroversion?  Be friendly and enthusiastic and be sure to establish rapport.  Some small talk is OK.  If the hiring Manager has high Patience, you’ll want to instill dependability.  Courteousness and a slower delivery style will help you to communicate most effectively with this manager.  If the hiring manager has high Conformity, you’ll want to focus on being detailed and accurate in your responses.  You’ll need to establish credibility and use facts and data to back up your statements.  Once you understand how you can contribute to the company, use the insights gained from personality profiling to communicate your value most effectively!

See article here.

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