Behavioral Interviewing to Assess Emotional Intelligence

Drake P3 is one of the few personality profiling tools that provides an assessment of a candidate’s Emotional Intelligence (EI).  But what do you do as a hiring manager if your candidate comes back with a low score in one or more of the EI measurements?

We recommend using behavioral interviewing techniques just like we would to understand any other gaps between a candidate’s profile and a Job Profile, the set of personality traits and competencies that predict performance in a specific role.

Here are a few behavioral interviewing questions you could ask to understand a candidate’s EI:

  • Interpersonal Insight:  It can be challenging to understand the emotions of other people and to empathize with their perspectives.  Tell me about a time when you were able to pick up on the emotions of another person in order to understand their point of view.
  • Self-Management:  Tell me about a time when you were able to control an emotional reaction to a situation at work.  How do you think this control paid off for you?
  • Drive:  Tell me about a time when you persevered despite obstacles or disappointments along the way.  Describe how you overcame the obstacles.
  • Social Agility:  Tell me about a recent conflict at work that you helped to prevent or resolve.  What was your role in the conflict?  What was the outcome?
  • Personal Insight:  Tell me about a work situation that really “pushed your buttons.”  How did you react to the situation?

Hopefully, these questions will enable you to extend your interviews to include Emotional Intelligence.



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