4 Ways to Foster Communication and Collaboration

One of the activities I enjoy the most at Ascend Profiles is working with teams to help foster communication and collaboration.  Here are 4 things we focus on at these workshops:

1.  Gain self-awareness by examining insights from your own personality profile. The Drake P3 Communication Profile provides information about an employee’s personality traits, conscientiousness, emotional intelligence, leadership style, decision-making style, learning styles, energy and stress levels and more.  Reviewing and analyzing this information can bring greater self-awareness to help employees better understand themselves, and ultimately, the way they interact with others.

2. Learn the keys to effective communication with each individual team member.  Using Drake P3’s Team Communication report, each team member receives a custom report providing them with ways to build rapport, keys to effective communication, and behaviors to avoid with each other team member based on personality traits.  We call this “flexing.”  Some people like to make a personal connection before they feel open to sharing ideas.  Others just want to get on with business. Still others need to be asked to share their ideas even in a brainstorming format.  An understanding of personality helps you to get the most out of each individual team member leading to a robust discussion and solution set.

3.  Understand that the unique perspective of each team member has value.  I participated in a workshop many years ago where people were divided into 4 teams based on their most notable personality trait like Dominance, Extroversion, Patience or Conformity.  Then each team was given the same problem with four possible solutions.  Our task was to pick the best solution to the problem.  You guessed it – the teams with the Dominant members selected the Dominant solution as the best solution.  The Extroverts picked the Extrovert solution, and so on.  If everyone on a team has the same personality strengths then the problem solving may not be as robust as it could be.  Ensuring that your team has a variety of personalities and corresponding strengths is important.

4.  Ensure each team member takes responsibility for good outcomes.  Set team goals and then assign roles and responsibilities based on the strengths gleaned from the Drake P3 Team Analysis report.  Who will lead the discussion when the team brainstorms?  The High Extrovert! Who will ensure that tasks are performed on time?  Who will develop contingency plans? A person with high Conformity will make sure that these details are completed. Leveraging the strengths of each team member to perform the different roles on the team ensures all team members have ownership in the outcome!

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