Shift The Energy In Your Workplace

I ran across an article recently that really spoke to the primary issue I see in my work using personality profiling to drive performance.  The full article is worth reading, but the content that jumped out at me was:

“A workplace is an energy field. Good and bad energy — trust and fear, in other words — move in waves around us. We can feel them if we are paying attention.

The trust level on your team is a far better indicator and predictor of your results than the individual performance metrics of your team members, which are only numeric representations of the good or bad energy swirling around you.”

The article goes on to say that, as managers, we need to take responsibility for cultural and communication roadblocks that are impacting performance on our teams or across teams in the organization.

As we all head into the new year, let’s resolve to proactively address roadblocks and shift the energy in our workplace to good energy.  Remember that your employees’ Drake P3 profiles are a great source of information about what motivates them!

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