Understanding Drake P3

The Drake P3 System is a personnel assessment technology with unrivaled accuracy, power, and ease-of-use.  The System empowers managers to effectively match the behavioral tendencies of candidates and employees with the behavioral requirements of specific positions.

Individuals complete an online Communication Survey that takes 10-15 minutes.  This is a self-reported adjective inventory with an Emotional Intelligence component.  The resulting Communication Profile describes an individual’s unique combination of five behavioral dimensions:  Dominance, Extroversion, Patience, Conformity and Conscientiousness.  The Communication Profile also incorporates the individual’s Emotional Intelligence.

Individuals higher in dominance are authoritative and prefer being in control. They are highly competitive and like to keep score. They are motivated by daily challenges and tangible results.

Individuals higher in extroversion are highly persuasive, outgoing, and enthusiastic. They are creative and tend to think in terms of the big picture. They are motivated by visibility and public recognition and are good at promoting their product, services, organization, and so forth.

Individuals higher in patience are paced and persistent. They tend to be relationship focused and take time to develop others. They are motivated by harmony and consensus. They are support specialists, good listeners, and promote team building.

Individuals higher in conformity are disciplined, committed to excellence, and precise. They are motivated by doing things by the book and will have an eye on quality, systems, and processes.

Individuals higher in conscientiousness are purposeful, determined, scrupulous, and reliable. They are goal directed and highly motivated. The consensus among psychological researchers is that highly significant correlations exist between higher conscientiousness and superior job performance.

Once individuals have completed the DrakeP3 Communication Profile, the P3 System delivers easy-to-read reports allowing companies to select, develop and retain top performing employees.

In a recent study of over 800 participants, 96% rated their personal profile as being over 90% accurate.

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